Carriages of Harley Street is a revolutionary service bringing the Harley Street aesthetics experience to your doorstep. 

We provide the utmost convenience and luxury by coming to you. Say goodbye to crowded waiting rooms and public transport. Step inside your own private clinic, on your time.   

Procedures at Carriages are only performed by fully qualified doctors, so you know you’re in safe hands. 

We are proud to be leading a new standard of beauty. Your Carriage awaits…



Our state-of-the-art clinics are fully equipped to facilitate your aesthetic needs. Each clinic has been intricately designed to ensure we deliver safe treatments in a safe environment.

Approved by Save Face, the only regulatory body in the industry, our exceptional standards surpass the industry norms.

We understand cosmetic treatments can sometimes be daunting, so we have created a space that will put you in complete comfort and ease. Lie back and relax as we help you look and feel your absolute best.



Our first-class treatments are matched with unrivalled personable service, developed from our specialist medical backgrounds and enriched Harley Street mindset.

We pride ourselves on knowing the true definition of premium. It’s the golden thread that runs through everything we do.


Dr Richard Devine

Dr Devine is a leading Aesthetic Doctor with expertise and natural flair for a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. He boasts an impressive CV having previously worked for 2 highly acclaimed and internationally recognised Harley Street clinics, The Consultant Clinic and Harley Street Skin Clinic. Over the past 7 years, he has mastered his skill in Aesthetic Medicine having successfully performed thousands of procedures.

Full Bio

Dr Devine’s attention to detail and impressive natural results have made him a recognised name within the Aesthetics industry. He is a strong advocate for patient safety and is highly sought-after due to his true interest in the well-being of his clients.

From humble beginnings, Dr Devine was born and raised in London. From a young age, Dr Devine had a natural ability in art, but his strong interest in science would see him go on to study medicine at the highly prestigious university, King’s College London. During this time Dr Devine developed a passion for surgery and later took a year out of medical school to complete a Master’s in Orthopaedic Surgery at the esteemed University College London. Still impassioned for excellence and growth, he completed an elective in Orthopaedics at Yale University, USA.

After graduating from medical school Dr Devine discovered Aesthetic Medicine through his keenness to learn and explore all surgical fields. With his artistic flair and strong surgical skills, Dr Devine took to the speciality naturally. His ability was recognised by the highly acclaimed Harley Street Skin Clinic (HSSC) which went on to recruit him. Over the following 5 years, Dr Devine would master his knowledge and skill in Aesthetics, performing a wide range of cosmetic treatments ranging from minor surgeries to non-invasive procedures. His talent gained the attention of the international award-winning clinic, The Consultant Clinic, who later requested he joins their exclusive team. Through his work with The Consultant Clinic and HSSC, Dr Devine performed thousands of cosmetic treatments across the UK and made a name for himself as an expert in this field. 

Due to his strong commitment to the NHS, Dr Devine chose to spend the latter half of that time also training as a General Practitioner, ensuring he would always be able to give his services back to the NHS. He qualified as a GP in 2020 and continues to balance his time between NHS duties and his passion for Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Devine is a strong advocate for patient safety and strives to empower his clients with knowledge and information, guiding them on their Aesthetic journey. His devotion to patients led to the creation of Carriages of Harley Street with long-term friend and Co-Founder Fez Mannan, a novel concept that provides unparalleled value to patients which is sure to revolutionise the Aesthetics industry. Dr Devine practises Aesthetic solely as CEO and medical director for Carriages of Harley Street, leading the company forwards in the unchartered territory that he and his partner have forged.

Fez Mannan

A prize-winning UCL graduate of Biochemical Engineering, co-founder Fez Mannan brings sharp business acumen to the cosmetic arena having spent nine years successfully working within the finance sector in London.

With a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and foresight into future-proofing business, Fez will continue to drive Carriages of Harley Street forward, and with it the future of the cosmetic industry.

Fez’s business philosophy of excellence with agility bodes well for such a fast-moving cosmetic industry, ensuring that Carriages of Harley Street remains as state-of-the-art as the treatments it will be offering.

Full Bio

Fez holds a Master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering from UCL.

He achieved the highest marks in the year group for his research project, allowing him to win the IMRC Prize for his study of “a novel feeding strategy for mammalian cells”. The resulting discovery reduced costs and improved efficiency in antibody production while gaining him a PhD offer.

In his degree, Fez studied biochemistry, pharmaceutical manufacture, process design, reactor engineering and therapeutics.

After university, Fez joined investment banking giant J.P Morgan Chase in their London office. He started in the technology graduate program, where he spent two years learning best practices in managing high-performance systems, building resiliency and providing rapid response to incidents.

He then moved into the Front Office as an equities trader, initially trading for global clients wanting exposure to the Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets. In his final role, Fez spent four years managing the firm’s money, having his own trading book running proprietary strategies across EMEA.

During his time in banking, Fez managed to navigate through incredibly volatile events such as the 2014 Russian crisis, the 2016 Brexit referendum & US presidential election and the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a total of nine years, Fez departed Investment Banking having held the title of Vice President.

Fez brings an analytical mindset with thorough perseverance to problem solve. He is passionate about improving efficiences and providing value to end clients.